The Process

As of now, I have no process. I have yet to have (make) time to take my DSLR out strictly for the purpose of taking photographs.Instead, I take my iPhone with me while out on hikes and just shoot whatever catches my eye. Some I edit, some I don’t – sometimes I get lucky and the photo is perfect just as it is. I do enjoy editing, though. I see it as part of the creative process, and it seems to make a photo more “mine.”

I am planning to go out for a few hours this weekend with my camera solely for the purpose of shooting. I am looking forward to some time that is designated only for this creative pursuit! I hope that I am lucky enough to come back with some beautiful captures to share.

Until then….


I took this photo while hiking up the Bowden Ranch trail (also known as High School Hill) in San Luis Obispo. I went by myself and thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet. At the top, I did some yoga and then sat and meditated for awhile, which was wonderful. I absolutely love the centered feeling that being out in nature gives me.

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