The Birth of Heart Forward Photography

I spent some time today out taking pictures of flowers and gelato with my daughter, the light of my life, and I realized how much I’ve been missing this creative outlet of photography, and how much joy it brings me – both to explore it on my own and to share it with her.

What’s interesting about this whole endeavor and this feeling of missing the creativity of it is that I don’t really consider myself a creative person. I’ve always said that my husband is the creative one, I’m the bookish one. I’ve always downplayed my creative side – my response to “Oh you’re a photographer!” is usually a self-deprecating “No, not really. I’m just learning, I’m not very good.” When friends have asked me to take photos for them I’ve been afraid to – afraid to fail. I didn’t think I was good enough. I’ve been afraid to call myself a photographer.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about self-limiting beliefs, and how so much of our point of view is shaped by the stories that we tell ourselves. It’s made me start thinking – what are the stories that I tell myself? What are my self-limiting beliefs? How am I holding myself back simply by telling myself that I’m not good enough? How much fear and apprehension am I instilling in my own mind and attitudes?

How do I stop?

I will change the stories that I tell myself. I will stop self-sabotaging with my own thoughts. I will take a lot of photographs and a lot of them will be really bad, and some will be good. I will learn endlessly. I will create.

It will take time, and it will take practice, but I want to live my life heart forward, and it all begins inside my own mind. I embrace the challenge and look forward to the adventure.

I am a photographer.

2 thoughts on “The Birth of Heart Forward Photography

  1. Take time to touch the ground with bare feet. Life is short and earth is a ground that can bring you back. Keep up the photos and visions of life through your eyes. Through this you will find joy in all things. Happy New Year. Grasp the air in front of you and hold tight.

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