Hero With a Bottle of Glue

I am completely unable to write these days. I wish I knew why…it’s very frustrating. So instead I am posting some old writing.

This is from March 2005. No title, kinda goofy, but it makes me smile.

Fear is a low-flying fog clouding my head

zero visibility

squinting and shuffling

hands outstretched

looking for a safe place to land

hands clutched and released become

landmarks on the map

of places I’ve already been.

(keep going there’s more to come)

my sneakers are wearing thin, but

still holding up.

frayed at the edges and

holes beginning to show

and then I met a man with

a bottle of super glue.

he fixed my shoes.

now he walks beside me with

steps sure and confident

holding my hand

my feet are snug and warm

and the fog lifts.

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