This Intentional Life

IMG_7745Along with learning the art of photography and editing, I also spend time seeking out ways to live a more simple, intentional life. I make an effort each day to spend some time meditating and to set an intention. This helps me to focus, increases mindful choices rather than mindless reactivity, and improves every aspect of my life. I spend about 15 minutes a day doing this, and the benefits are immeasurable.

My intention today is to mindfully do one thing at a time, and to not move on until that one thing is done. In this world of fractured attention and endless distractions, this can be very challenging to accomplish. Right before writing this I was reading an article, and the idea for this intention came to me right in the middle of it. It was HARD to finish reading the article. It amazed me how challenging it was to simply finish what I was doing without allowing myself to become distracted!

My habit has been to “multitask” (even though I know how ineffective and inefficient that actually is), so usually I would have jumped over to my notes and jotted down the thought out of fear that otherwise I would forget it. This time, I actively made the decision to finish what I was doing before moving onto the next thing. I did not forget what I was going to do.

It is worth our effort to slow down, to do one thing at a time. It is worth our time to simplify. It is worth our time to savor what we are doing, do it with our full attention, and complete one thing before moving onto another. If we forget a few thoughts or ideas in the process, maybe the ones we end up keeping will blossom more fully and vibrantly for the attention that we give them. Maybe we need to forget some things, maybe we would benefit from letting go of the drive to capture every passing thought or idea. Maybe we’d find ourselves experiencing life more fully, and with more enjoyment.

In my humble opinion, we do not need to multitask. We do not need to constantly be busy. We do not need to constantly be productive. In my humble opinion, it would be of more benefit to instead – simplify.


Daily Prompt: Simplify

3 thoughts on “This Intentional Life

  1. Yes! It is so challenging to slow down. It is hard. When everything around us praise 24/7 productivity, ask us to do more, go faster, and stay busy. Just like you said, we need to slow down and not be ashamed of that. Very insightful post and much needed.


  2. It is so hard to simplify these days. I love your words and must remember to keep practicing this every day. No matter how much we minimize, it is still a struggle to simply finish one thing at at time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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